Member Rewards Program

We love our members, and our Member Rewards program is how we show appreciation for your loyalty. Unlike banks, credit unions are true co-operatives: Our members are also our owners who hold a share in our company.

As shareholders of Access Credit Union, our success is your success. Each member has the opportunity to share in our earnings. It’s a reward for being a loyal member of your credit union.

Because earnings from deposits and loans are what make these dividends possible, the amount any member receives is based on how they utilize these services. The more business you do with us, the more you share in our earnings.

In 2024, we're paying our members $13.5 million in Member Rewards based on our 2023 success.


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How It Works

After satisfying requirements for reserves, the Board of Directors may set aside a portion of earnings for Member Rewards.



The amount of patronage any member receives is based on how they utilize the deposit and loan services. The more business you do with us, the more you share in our earnings.

The amount a member receives is based on:

a) Interest earned on eligible non-registered deposits

b) Interest paid on eligible lending products.

Members who save and borrow with Access are allocated a percentage of the interest they earned and the interest they paid during the year. The allocation rate may vary from year to year as it depends on the amount of earnings achieved. For 2023, the Member Rewards rate is 1.12%.

Share Redemption

Access strives to redeem shares to members in the form of cash, per earlier merger commitments.

Dividend on Surplus Shares, Preferred Shares, and Common Shares (excluding membership)

Members who hold surplus shares, preferred shares, and common shares (excluding membership shares) will earn a dividend. The dividend will be paid out in the form of surplus shares. This dividend will be paid on March 27, 2024, at the following rates:

  • Dividends on surplus shares: 2.25%
  • Dividends on preferred shares and common shares (excluding membership shares): 5.45%

Have questions? View our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the Member Rewards program.